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Twin Degree

Twin Degree

German-Malaysian Twin degree

Besides the classic master programme there is the possibility of a twin degree. This twin degree programme offers you the opportunity to obtain an accredited European Master degree from OTH Regensburg (Germany) in combination with a Master degree from Malaysia (USM Penang, UTAR Kampar or UTAR Kuala Lumpur) simultaneously.

This programme is supported by German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), therefore some students are offered scholarships. The course is structured to enable students to work independently, efficiently and responsibly using scientific methods and problem-solving techniques.

Aside from conveying technical expertise, the course is designed to build personalities and leadership knowledge and skills. Graduates will be equally proficient in performing technical tasks and leadership roles. Lectures in Germany or abroad: min. 12 months (min. of 6 months in Germany) Master thesis in Germany or abroad (usually in a company): min. 6 months.

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