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Study Content

The „Master of Electrical and Microsystems Engineering (MEM)” is available as an interdisciplinary Master degree programme, which has been offered by the faculties of Electrical Engineering & Information Technology and General Sciences & Microsystems Engineering since 2002. Course options include full time and dual study. The Dual Master offers further opportunities for practical experience in to gain excellence in industry and builds a solid foundation for your future professional career. The six-months intership can be done in Germany or abroad.Thanks to the cooperation of OTH Regensburg with two

Malaysian universities, students can study in both, Germany and Malaysia receiving a twin degree. MEM can now also be studied entirely in English. A special focus is placed on sensor technology, electronics and optoelectronics.

These are areas of particular importance to our region, as Regensburg has been chosen as the focal point of sensor technologyin Bavaria. This is not surprising given the number of jobs for highly skilled employees within this sector in and around Regensburg.

In 2003, our cleanroom laboratory, unique in Bavaria, was opened at OTH Regensburg, providing a state-of-the-art environment for studying methods and technologies used in today’s semiconductors.

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