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Why study in Regensburg?

MEM can be studied entirely in English. A special focus is placed on sensor technology, electronics and optoelectronics. These are areas of particular importance to the region in and round Regensburg, as Regensburg has been chosen as the focal point of sensor technology in Bavaria.

The OTH Regensburg gives students the opportunity to gain fundamental theoretical knowledge as well as practical experiences in its high level laboratories. In 2003, the cleanroom laboratory, unique in Bavaria, was opened at OTH Regensburg, providing a state-of-the-art environment for studying methods and technologies used in today’s semiconductor industry.

Apart from the university, Regensburg is a young and vital city with more than 30.000 students from all over the world. Regensburg offers a diversity of culture, history and modern lifestyles. Regensburg was even nominated an UNESCO world heritage in 2006. The city attracts thousands of tourists each year, offering different festivals as “Maidult”, Christmas markets and many other attractions.

But Regensburg is most famous for its bars and restaurants, at least among students. Students meet up in the city all year long, either inside in their favorite bars during the winter semester or during the summer semester all along the Danube River, the public places or the “Stenz” ice cream place (which is the best ice cream in Regensburg).

Regensburg is an excellent starting point for your scientific, professional and personal career.

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